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Design Studio 4

This is it folks, the last design project. And here I am, at 11:42 PM 2 days before my first exam, uploading some documents about it to a website. Cool. Anyway, this was our final, open-ended project. We were given a client who faces many challenges in life, the main one we focused on was cystic fibrosis. We aimed to solve one of the problems the client experiences in her life. Due to the nature of this project, details about the client and our final prototype will not be included in this portfolio. We aimed to create a better method for the client to grip tools; one of her passions is painting, and she experiences pain holding a paintbrush or a pencil in the normal way. Our goal was to develop a device to adapt the client's grip into something better suited towards her, and in that, I think we succeeded.

The P4 Team:

Michael Gulka: Manager
Grigor Pahlevanyan: Administrator
Eric Chen: Coordinator
Saman Rezaie: Subject Matter Expert

The pre-project assignment for this Project was to take notes on the client meeting. These notes can be found in the Milestone 1 worksheet. As always, the project module is right here.

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